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Carrousel Pump


Carrousel Pump

The Quikspray Carrousel Pump is the application of the peristaltic or squeeze principle, similar to the human digestive system.  Rollers rotate against the rubber tube, flattening it against the U-shaped pressure wall of the Carrousel Pump.  The Carrousel Pump squeezes the material through its system, forcing material forward.

Worldwide acceptance is due to its simplicity and dependability.  The Carrousel Pump has specially designed couplings and reducing fittings to help lower pumping pressures and, therefore, problems.  Most unskilled personnel find the Carrousel Pump a dream to operate.  The Carrousel can run dry indefinitely without damage, unlike the progressive cavity pumps or rotor / stator pumps.

The Carrousel will pump anything that is near liquid.  Its current use is in handling heavily-filled materials such as plaster, portland cement mixtures, uncured epoxy mortars, and all types of aggregated building materials.  Some models can also be converted to many other applications including the spray application of fireproofing, stuccos, cement / plaster coatings and acoustics.

No internal moving parts come in contact with the product being pumped.  This is the reason of low maintenance.  The parabolic hoppers are designed for easy flow of materials, and have no corners to clog.  The specially designed 8-jet venturi spray nozzle for fiber-filled coating eliminates clogging.  Cleaning is absurdly simple.  A cellulose sponge is inserted in the bottom of the hopper and forced through unclean water.

Powerful pneumatic motors or constant torque AC/DC motors (hydraulic also available) allow variable speed and application rates.

This durable unit is extremely mobile with its own 4.80/400 - 8 wheels and 16" pneumatic tires.

The Carrousel Pump is sold separately or as part of complete assembly with Quikspray Compressor is optional with hand gun.



The new Quikspray Carrousel Pump is a bold, new application of peristaltic action.  Rollers rotate against a rubber tube, flattening it against a U-shaped pressure wall.  (This section is shown at right with a view of the underside.)

The heart of the system is the soft rubber tube which fits inside the U-shaped walls.  Other than the hopper, this tube is the only part that comes in contact with the material being used.  Clean up is easy and replacement of the pumping hose is inexpensive.


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